How to Display Your Space Tokens (SPACE) in Trust Wallet (Fantom Network)

Space Token
Feb 21, 2022

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to display your Space Tokens held on Fantom — Opera Network in your Trust Wallet.

2. Click on Add Custom Token button.

3. By Default, the Ethereum Network is selected, we need to change the network for Fantom, click on ‘Ethereum’

4. Select ‘Fantom’

5. Follow the Next Steps:

  • Enter the SPACE Fantom contract address under Contract Address. For adding Space Token , you will have to enter the following address: 0x5f7F94a1dd7b15594d17543BEB8B30b111DD464c
  • Enter Space Token as Name
  • Enter SPACE as Symbol
  • Add 18 as Decimals
  • Then click on the DONE top-right button.

That’s all! Now your Space Tokens (SPACE) held on Fantom Opera Network must appear in your Trust Wallet!



Space Token

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