How to Display Your Space Tokens (SPACE) in Trust Wallet (Avalanche C-Chain)

Space Token
Jun 29, 2023

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to display your Space Tokens held on Avalanche C-Chain in your Trust Wallet.

1. Click on Setting Icon

2. Click on ‘+’ Icon

3. Change the Network

By Default, the Ethereum Network is selected, we need to change the network for Avalanche C-Chain, click on ‘Ethereum’

Select Avalanche C-Chain

4. Add the contract details

  • Enter the SPACE C-Chain contract address under Contract Address. For adding Space Token, you will have to enter the following address: 0x09211Dc67f9fe98Fb7bBB91Be0ef05f4a12FA2b2
  • Enter Space Token as Name
  • Enter SPACE as Symbol
  • Add 18 as Decimals
  • Then click on the SAVE button.

That’s all! Now your Space Tokens (SPACE) held on Avalanche C-Chain must appear in your Trust Wallet!



Space Token

Space Token is an innovative Cross-Chain Token that maximizes profit with DeFI Yield Generation and Crypto Earning Systems.