Activate Avalanche C-Chain on Metamask

Space Token
Jun 29, 2023

Here is a guide to learn how to add Avalanche C-Chain on Metamask (Desktop & Mobile)

1- Open and Unlock your Metamask Extension

That’s what you must see now, once your wallet is unlocked.

2- Click on “Ethereum Mainnet” button

3- Click on “Add network” button

4- Find “Avalanche C-Chain” and Click on “Add” button

5- Approve the activation request

Now you must see a pop-up that display Avalanche C-Chain Details, just click on “Approve” button.

Click on “Approve”

Congratulation, you successfully activated Avalanche C-Chain on your Metamask!

Now you can switch from Ethereum to C-Chain if you want to interact with the blockchain now.



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